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10 days Crete Itinerary: the supreme schedule for fantastic family holidays in Crete


With calm and safe sea waters, exciting cities to explore, a wide range of watersports, and other thrilling activities to engage in, it is no wonder Crete is a top destination for families. But when thinking of what to do during family holidays in Crete, you may feel overwhelmed with coming up with a schedule that appeases every member of your crew. If you’re wondering how to achieve a fun and memorable holiday for your family, read on to find the best 10 days Crete itinerary. All you have to do is show up and have a great time together.


10 days Crete itinerary in a nutshell 

Day 1:  Settle into your all-inclusive Creta Maris Beach Resort, spend time at the beach during the day, and enjoy an on-site authentic Cretan dinner in the evening.

Day 2:  Spend the morning engaging in a variety of watersports while at the beach, and in the evening gather the whole family for expert traditional dance lessons.

Day 3:  Let your kids have the time of their lives at the Creta Maris Waterpark. In the evening, take it easy while watching a movie under the stars at the open-air cinema.

Day 4:  Visit the capital city, Heraklion. Explore the ancient Palace of Knossos before heading into the city to have a seaside lunch at the Venetian Port.

Day 5:  Spend the day in Hersonissos, the location of your resort. Play an organized sport as a family before cooling down at the beach and go scuba diving.

Day 6:  Beat the heat during the day while enjoying the many pools at your resort. Learn traditional recipes with an on-site cooking class.

Day 7:  Step on out to Rethymno, a fascinating Venetian city. Climb to the top of the Venetian Fortezza Castle before savouring a meal in the charming Old Town.

Day 8:  Rejuvenate with beauty treatments at the on-site spa, offer yourself a day of calm and comfort at your Creta Maris Beach Resort.

Day 9:  Spend the day in Agios Nikolaos, east of your resort. Take the boat to the barren island Spinalonga and enjoy a lovely seaside meal in the village’s marina.

Day 10:  Enjoy the final day of your family holidays in Crete at your all-inclusive resort. Cool down at the beach or pools, and have a delectable last on-site meal and cocktails at night.


Day 1 of your 10 days Crete itinerary


Settle into your Creta Maris all-inclusive resort 

During the first day of your family holidays in Crete, prepare to be amazed by your Creta Maris Beach Resort’s stunning seascape surroundings, all-inclusive amenities, and vast open space for the kids to run around. Spend time on day 1 getting settled into your new spacious accommodation before experiencing the best of sun, sea, and superb relaxation in your Grecian holiday oasis.


Hit the Crystal Clear Waters at the Beach 

Grab the floaties and sunblock and make your way to the crystalline waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Settle into plush sun loungers under the protection of large umbrellas for optimal shade. The beach at your all-inclusive resort is awarded the coveted Blue Flag, a standard for European beaches which indicates a supreme level of cleanliness and safety, indeed the ideal place to spend your holiday.  

With trained lifeguards on the premises, feel peace of mind knowing that your children are safe when they go bounding into the water. Sit back and relax as you watch your children splash around in the translucent and ambient sea. Have a perfect start to your 10 days in Crete itinerary and delight in an ultra-safe beach environment whose natural beauty is as enticing as you imagined it to be.


Enjoy an Authentic Cretan Dinner 

After many hours in the bright Greek sun, plan for an easy dinner involving minimal logistics with an authentically Cretan meal that showcases excellent products from land and sea at one of the on-site restaurants. Some restaurants feature buffets for adults and children alike, but all embrace the Mediterannean diet and simplicity in their flavourful meals.  

Following dinner, your children can dart around the safe village-like premises to burn off any extra energy while you grab a drink with your loved one at one of the many on-site outdoor bars. If you’re feeling brave try raki, Crete’s signature liquor that packs a serious punch. Toast to your Cretan family holiday, and feel excited while thinking about what to do in Crete in 10 days for the upcoming days that are memorable and fun for the whole family. 


Day 2 of your 10 days Crete itinerary


Be Active and Learn New Skills 

On the second day of your family holidays, engage in a variety of fun activities to get the most out of your all-inclusive resort. Embrace the Cretan lifestyle as you prepare for thrilling watersports during the day and dance lessons in the evening.


Select from a Variety of Watersports 

Whether you’re traveling with teens or young children, several watersport activities are available at the resort’s beach that are ideal for any age and are a great way for the family to spend time together. At the Watersports Center, speak with the fully licensed and well-trained staff to organise a day of fun in the calm sea waters. 

For older kids, they can feel the thrill of speed on a jet ski, while you can entertain your littlest one with a tandem canoe ride. You are bound to feel like you’re in paradise while playing in the bright blue sea with your family. For both beginners and experts, select from the following watersport options:


1.  Jet skis

2.  Pedalo (paddle boat)

3.  Canoe-Kayak

4.  Standup Paddle

3.  Fly Board

4.  Boat Trips (min. 3 people)


Take Part in Dance Lessons 

What better way to learn about an area’s culture than through song and dance? This evening, gather the whole family for a night of dancing under the guidance of an expert instructor in the warmth of a Cretan night. Learn modern and traditional dances that have been a part of the culture for centuries while feeling a wonderful sense of togetherness. 

The dance lessons at your Creta Maris all-inclusive resort are a great way to exercise, have fun, and learn more about local life and the longstanding traditions of the Cretans. Dance under the stars, listen to traditional music, and have a great time during the second day of your holidays in Crete as a family.


Day 3 of your 10 days Crete itinerary


Enjoy the Waterpark & Open-air Cinema 

Your kids won’t be able to contain their excitement when they find out today’s the day they get to spend the day at the Creta Maris Waterpark! Enjoy a day filled with fun and laughter in one of Crete’s best waterparks. Take it easy with a movie at the open-air Cine Creta Maris under the starry sky in the evening.


Have a Blast at the Creta Maris Waterpark 

Let your kids have the time of their lives at the Creta Maris Waterpark if you’re looking for what to do in Crete in 10 days that is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face. Get your heart racing on steep waterslides, adrenaline-pumping rides, the Spray Action Zone’s games, and the Aquatower Pool for the youngest of waterpark enthusiasts. Covering 4000m2, there are endless possibilities at the Waterpark! 

While the kids engage in thrilling activities and make new friends, kick back at the comfortable seating area and bars for a refreshing cocktail or local glass of crisp wine. Feel at ease knowing that all areas are under professional supervision and lifeguards are keeping a close watch. Enjoy what is sure to be one of the highlights of your family holidays in Crete.


Watch a Movie Under the Stars 

Following an exciting and satisfying day at the Waterpark, turn it down a few notches and relax for an evening of family entertainment at the open-air cinema. The outdoor amphitheatre is the largest space on a European scale, making for an unforgettable movie night your kids are sure to relish 

Order popcorn and other classic movie-time snacks while watching a family-friendly movie under the beautiful Cretan nighttime sky. Daily showtimes begin at 21:00, so you can enjoy a fun experience at your Creta Maris all-inclusive resort and still manage to be in bed at a reasonable time so you are ready for the next adventure tomorrow.


Day 4 of your 10 days Crete itinerary


Unwrap Dynamic Heraklion 

By day 4 of your 10 days Crete itinerary, you are likely well-rested and ready for an outing. The nearby capital city of Heraklion is a great place for family outings. Visit the Palace of Knossos, where mythical fun and amazing true history collide. Later on, enjoy the romantic and charming center of Heraklion and have a lovely seaside lunch at the Venetian Port. Make the short transfer for a trip to dynamic Heraklion and enjoy all it has to offer. 


Learn Fascinating History at Knossos Palace 

Embark on an outing that is equal parts educational and enthralling. Today, visit the Palace of Knossos and learn about the once-powerful Minoan civilization that lived here in Crete dating all the way back to 2000 BC. Located right outside of Heraklion, the Palace of Knossos was excavated less than 200 years ago and today is among the most significant archaeological sites in Greece.  

Hear tales of King Minos and the half-bull half-man Minotaur and let your imaginations run wild with the almost mythical nature of Knossos. Check out the colourful mosaics and recreations of the artistic murals that at one time occupied the walls of the palace. A day at Knossos is like stepping back in time.


Explore the Venetian Port 

Later in the afternoon, make your way to the capital city to discover the charming Venetian city of Heraklion. It is bursting with quaint winding streets, an abundance of seafront restaurants and is home to an expansive and impressive port. A visit to Heraklion is a great way to learn more about Crete’s truly dynamic history, and the unique architecture that remains is a testament to this. Take note of Venetian walls and fortresses that dot the harbour, and enjoy the city’s walkability.  

As the evening progresses and the is beginning to descend, pick one of the many charming restaurants along the harbour for an authentic dinner. Though seafood is the star of many tavernas in Crete, you can undoubtedly find foods that appease the whole family, such as stuffed vine leaves, Greek salad, fried cheese, hand-rolled meatballs, and other Greek delicacies. Split a bottle of wine with your loved one, and let the kids run around the port as dinner commences.


Day 5 of your 10 days Crete itinerary


Spend the Day in Hersonissos 

On day 5 of your Cretan family holidays, spend time in the location of your Crete all-inclusive resort in the lovely town of Hersonissos. Have a fun morning playing a competitive round of sports as a family. In the afternoon, cool down at the beach while lounging in the sun or partake in a thrilling scuba diving experience. Embrace the lively energy of the resort with all the activities that are available to you.


Play an Organized Sport 

At your Creta Maris all-inclusive resort, there are endless opportunities for families to play well-organized games together without having to leave the premises. All games take place on Creta Maris Beach Resort’s expansive, clean, and safe fields and courts. Compete against one another in your own family, or perhaps challenge another family at the resort to a game. Mingle with the other guests, make new friends, and enjoy what to do in Crete in 10 days for some competitive fun. Games and sports available to guests include:


1.  Tennis

2.  Table tennis

3.  Mini golf

4.  Basketball (3x3)

3.  Mini football (5x5)

4.  Boccia


Enjoy More Time at the Beach & Go Scuba Diving 

Cool down after a morning of friendly competition with more time spent on the beautiful Blue Flag beaches in Hersonissos. Lather up the sun lotion, or find a shady spot under the large umbrellas, and delight in your relaxing and family-oriented 10 days Crete itinerary. Order toasts and hotdogs from the Snack Point for a quick and easy lunch as your kids run and play, and sit back in the lap of luxury while feeling completely stress-free during your holidays in Crete.   

If some of the family is looking for a bit more action during your beach day, scuba diving is an excellent option, especially for older kids looking for some adventure. Even if you’re a first-time scuba diver, the expert dive team affiliated with the resort can help train you and make sure you are fully prepared before diving into the crystalline waters. It is sure to be an unforgettable experience!


Day 6 of your 10 days Crete itinerary


Swimming & Cooking all day 

If you have yet to spend time at Creta Maris Beach Resort’s many pools by day 6 of your 10 days Crete itinerary, the time has come to splash around. Enjoy a totally enjoyable pool day throughout the day before an immersive cooking class to learn new recipes to take back home for family dinners.


Cool Down in the Many Pools 

Pool lovers, rejoice! Spend time today at your Creta Maris all-inclusive resort reveling in the many on-site pools of all sizes. The five children’s pools are a great way for families with younger children to let your little ones splash around in a safe environment and under watchful supervision. With toys, games, and revitalizing water under the Grecian sun, your kids are likely to spend hours swimming around and making new friends.  

Additionally, there are ten outdoor and one indoor pool* for adults, ensuring that some rejuvenating time in freshwater is available for the whole family. Order cocktails, local wine, fresh juices, and delectable snacks while luxuriating in the warm Greek sun. Kick back with a good book or some pacifying music during a relaxing afternoon of your Cretan family holiday.

*closed during summer 2021 due to COVID restrictions and for your safety. 

Learn New Recipes During a Cooking Lesson 

Bring your appetite tonight during an activity the whole family can enjoy during an on-site cooking lesson under the guidance of a true expert. Cooking lessons are an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in the authenticity of culture, especially one as storied as Crete. Learn fun facts about Crete’s culinary landscape, including how its location as a maritime trade route as the gateway between Europe and the Middle East and North Africa has impacted its recipes. 

Give your kids the opportunity to learn a new skill, and perhaps even pique their interest in the culinary world, during a hands-on cooking experience. Steeped in a longstanding tradition, find out the importance behind various ingredients such as olive oil, legumes, and feta cheese. Savour a glass of local wine while creating new recipes you’re sure to whip up after you return home and are dreaming of your holidays in Crete.


Day 7 of your 10 days Crete itinerary


Discover the City of Rethymno 

If you’re seeking what to do in Crete in 10 days that is set in a vibrant cityscape, an excursion to the city of Rethymno is a must. Rethymno is a very walkable city with a rich history and gorgeous seascape views. Spend the day deep-diving into the history before being charmed by the Old Town, perfect for a quaint family meal.


Step Back in Time at the Venetian Fortezza Castle 

A visit to the Venetian Fortezza Castle is truly like taking a step back in time. Built over 400 years ago, your kids will feel like the pirates that once descended upon the city as they weave in and out of the fortresses and old protection walls. For a truly immersive experience, opt for a guided tour to learn more about Rethymno’s unique history and the role the Venetian Fortezza Castle played during its seafaring heyday.  

While your kids are running about, take time to enjoy peaceful moments in one of Crete’s most spectacular vantage points. The Fortezza Castle is perched high above the city, and is an ideal opportunity to take incredible panoramic photos of both the sea and the city.  Share a quiet moment with your loved one and appreciate all the stunning beauty you have seen during your 10 days Crete itinerary.


Indulge in a Meal in Old Town 

Old Town Rethymno is one of Crete’s most charming sections. Colorful houses, remnants of the Venetian past, and an abundance of specialty shops selling olive oil, handmade leather goods, and natural Cretan products give way to a cozy atmosphere that is a delight for the whole family. And since it is not overwhelmed by tourists, you can spend quality time together without the distraction of extraneous noise and activity during your family meal.  

Find a restaurant with great views for a family meal together, and select delicious delicacies to split amongst yourselves. Maybe you’ll even see some things on the menu that you made in your cooking class! Delight in a genuine mealtime experience before returning back to your resort at night.


Day 8 of your 10 days Crete itinerary


Let the Kids Play While You Head to the Spa 

Don’t let the amenities for adults at your all-inclusive resort pass you by. Let your kids play at Creta Maris Beach Resort’s clubs* that are perfectly tailored to their needs based on their ages, while you spend time revitalizing and rejuvenating at the on-site spa. Today might just be the most relaxing day of your 10 days Crete itinerary!

*closed during summer 2021 due to COVID restrictions, all outdoor playground activities are open. 

Drop Kids off at the Asteria Kids’ club* & Teenager’s club* 

Fully chaperoned and under the watch of professionals, let your children revel in clubs based on their age-appropriate interests. Note that your presence is necessary during all activities. For little ones ages 4 to 11, the Asteria Kids’ club allows them to run wild at the playground or chill out with art projects. There are many fun spaces and activities, including:


1.  Fully-equipped Indoor & outdoor playground

2.  Games inspired by Cretan history & culture

3.  Games to learn about the environment

4.  A lively mini disco with fun music


For teenagers ages 12 to 15, the Teenager’s club* offers them the chance to make new friends in a more laid-back environment. Let your teen join others close to their age while engaging in activities to their liking. Services and activities at the Teenager’s club include:


1.  Extensive library

2.  Board games

3.  Video games

4.  Team games

 *closed during summer 2021 due to COVID restrictions, all outdoor playground activities are open. 

Luxuriate at the Spa 

Treat yourself to some serious rest and relaxation during a pacifying session at the Spa and Fitness Center. Enjoy some alone time with your partner as you embark on revitalizing treatments that soothe any ailments and bring total peace of mind. Using only natural Cretan products, a trip to the on-site spa is the perfect activity for “me” time while your children are being watched and entertained.


Reawaken your body and pamper yourself with a variety of massages, and hair, skin, and nail treatments to make you look and feel fresh. Some of the most popular spa services and treatments include:

1.  Couple’s massage

2.  Cretan massage

3.  Ice Effect massage

4.  Hydrating Face massage

5.  Cretan Herbs Experience

6.  Bronzing Experience


Day 9 of your 10 days Crete itinerary


Spend the Day in Agios Nikolaos 

One of Crete’s most idyllic seaside villages lies just east of your resort. From the sparkling waters to the colorful houses, Agios Nikolaos’ radiant beauty embodies the essence of Crete and is a great outing for the family. Visit a nearby barren island to learn mysterious tales of the area, and enjoy a lovely lunch and explore the quaint village.


Hop on the Boat to Spinalonga Island 

Kids and adults alike get giddy with excitement when they hear about Crete’s very mysterious and peculiar side that took place on Spinalonga Island in the last 100 years. At the port in Agios Nikolaos, hop on a small ferry that takes you to the barren island of Spinalonga, which was a leper colony in the not-so-distant past. Before it was an island for the ostracized, it was occupied by the Venetians, and an impressive fortress remains there.


Spinalonga’s open space and old architecture make it a fun place for children to run around and create stories in their minds of what once took place on the remote island. Because of its unique position in the sea, it offers stunning panoramic views of the beautiful nearby fishing villages. Snap plenty of pictures to document unique moments of your 10 days Crete itinerary with your family.


Walk around Agios Nikolaos 

Return to Agios Nikolaos via boat and take in all the highlights of the seaside village. From a sleek marina to an expansive port, you can understand why it’s regarded as one of the best places to visit during a 10 days Crete itinerary. Venetian remains, colorful houses, and of course stunning and seemingly endless views of the translucent and sparkling sea make Agios Nikolaos a delightful destination for a family afternoon outing.


When you’re feeling hungry, it is worth it to stay in the village for lunch, of which there is no shortage of where to choose from. Find a restaurant near the marina, watch the boats cruise in and out of the harbour, and savour special moments together as a family while dining on authentic Cretan food. Enjoy the day together in an incomparably charming village that you are sure to remember forever.



Day 10 of your 10 days Crete itinerary


Enjoy your All-inclusive Creta Maris Beach Resort 

On the last day of your amazing family holidays in Crete, what better way to conclude the festivities than one more day enjoying the all-inclusive features of the resort? Enjoy your day in paradise soaking in the fantastic surroundings.


Spend time in the Water 

Whether you’re a pool person or a beach person, spending the last day of your 10 days Crete itinerary is best served in the refreshing waters of the resort. Perhaps you and your littlest one want to cool down in the calm waters of the sea, while your older children play games in the pool with your partner.


Order treats from the snack bars and refreshing drinks from the poolside bars while you revel in the last of the revitalizing Greek sunshine. Appreciate the crystalline waters, the superb service, and the friends you made along the way for a refreshing final day engaging in some serious water therapy.


Savour Dinner & Drinks 

For the final meal of your holidays in beautiful Crete, why put on your finest Grecian outfit for an evening to cherish with your family while indulging in one more authentic Cretan dinner in one of the on-site restaurants? Try any dish you were curious about and never got around to (snails, anyone?), or stick to the classics like tzatziki and souvlaki.


After dinner, let the children run through the grounds as you toast with your loved one to an amazing Cretan holiday at one of the bars. Watch as the sky changes from oranges and yellows to a starry night which lights up the ambient waters. Appreciate the last night of your 10 days Crete itinerary, knowing that you and your family experienced the very best of Crete while enjoying each other’s company.


At Creta Maris Beach Resort, we help you with your ideal 10 days in Crete itinerary 

Let the expert team at Creta Maris Beach Resort create the holidays of a lifetime with your family through a variety of activities that are fun for kids and adults alike. Leave all your stresses behind knowing that meals, activities, and excursions are planned for you at your all-inclusive resort. Achieve the Cretan family holidays you’ve been dreaming of when you book at Creta Maris Beach Resort.


*For direct reservations, Arrival & Departure Transfer are free of charge for all bookings with 7 nights minimum stays.

**The Hotel reserves the right to alter the operational hours and services according to weather, occupancy conditions, or/and any Greek Government’s Guidelines regarding Covid-19.


FAQs to achieve the ideal 10 days Crete itinerary


1.   What is the best time of year to go to Crete?

Summer is the most popular time for family holidays in Crete since it has so many wonderful beaches. However, the weather is quite temperate year-round, meaning any time from March to November is a nice time to visit.

2.   Is Crete good for children?

Yes! Crete is home to some of the best family-friendly beaches in Greece and is bursting with watersport activities, waterparks, theme parks, and nature parks.

3.   What should I not miss in Crete?

Some popular destinations to visit for families in Crete are Heraklion, Rethymno, and Agios Nikolaos since they are all safe and have many things to do. Additionally, Hersonissos is a can’t-miss destination for family-friendly beaches and activities.