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Things to do in Ierapetra: the 6+1 can’t-miss experiences during your holidays in Crete’s most beautiful coastal town


Unpack all the wonderful things to do in the charming coastal town of Ierapetra along the southern coast of Crete for a peaceful holiday experience. Feel pacified in a slice of Cretan heaven that exudes beauty, history, and authenticity. Find things to do in Ierapetra that fulfill your needs, whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway with your partner, a day of fun activities with kids, or a laidback beach escape with friends. Learn how to enjoy your holidays in Ierapetra to the fullest, and get ready for memorable experiences to cherish for a lifetime.


“Enjoy holidays in Crete where the sun shines & sea sparkles” 

Ierapetra is a true holiday destination. Equal parts beautiful, relaxing, and with plenty of lively things to do, it is a superb place to visit when you need some sun, sea, and serenity. Though relatively small in size, it encapsulates an energy that is infectious. You are able to find things to see and do around every corner, and curious visitors are bound to find hidden secrets that reveal its enthralling past.


#1. Take the boat to stunning Chrissi island 

Prepare to feel amazed on the virgin island of Chrissi, a breathtaking visual of golden sand, crystal blue waters, and lush landscape. Many boats make the approximately 1-hour boat ride to the island from the port in town. Enjoy an incredibly lush landscape of pine and cedar trees, as well as some Minoan ruins from millennia ago! Though it is completely barren in terms of loungers and umbrellas, restaurants, or any other modern amenity, it is a beautiful place to swim, explore the seabed, and otherwise luxuriate in the laidback Cretan atmosphere.


#2. See reminders of the past in the Old Quarter 

Time spent in the Old Quarter is a must among things to do in Ierapetra for lovers of history and unique architecture alike. In the centre of town find a labyrinth of winding streets that hold stories and secrets that date back decades. Must-see attractions include a former mosque with a minaret and Turkish fountain, two tangible pieces from former Ottoman rule. Another incredibly unique attraction is Napoleon’s House, where Napoleon Bonaparte and his family were said to have stayed in 1798. In addition, the Old Quarter is a lively scene with bars, cafes, and restaurants, and is an ideal place to have a drink or authentic meal at a local taverna.


#3. Be transported back in time at the Kales Fortress 

A true landmark in Ierapetra, the Kales Fortress was built by Genoese pirates in the 13th century and is a sight to behold in terms of size and grandeur! Set along the old harbour, a visit to the fortress is one of the things to do in Ierapetra that gives you excellent insight into the past. It is a great place to visit that highlights the simple architectural design of many fortresses of the past while also being close to the crystal clear waters and bustling seafront. Once inside the fortress, gain impressive views of Ierapetra and the surrounding bays and mountains.


“Revel in relaxing things to do in Ierapetra that embody the local way of life”


#4. Discover unique finds at the Archeological Museum 

Housing incredible finds from the Minoans to the Romans, the Archaeological Museum of Ierapetra is ideal for travellers interested in taking a deep dive into the dynamic Cretan past. Located on the edge of the Old Quarter, the museum displays antiquities including coins, vases, and well-preserved art from the Classical period. Also, keep an eye out for the famed clay sarcophagus and carved inscriptions, which offer some of the most significant insight into how people lived in Crete long ago.


#5. Indulge in a seaside lunch on the promenade 

No coastal Cretan holiday is complete without savouring some delicious local delicacies while admiring the beautiful seascape. Ierapetra’s harbour seafront, also known as the “paralia,” is a lively area in the city that snakes around the water and offers unbeatable views out onto the horizon. Lined with bars, cafes, and authentic restaurants, it offers a laidback vibe that is quintessentially Cretan. Do as the locals do and order favourites such as octopus, mackerel, squid, and any fresh catch of the day. If you’re feeling brave, wash your meal down with raki, the very strong Cretan liquor that pairs excellently with a salty seafood meal.


#6. Enjoy serene beach holidays in Crete at Agia Fotia 

A visit to Agia Fotia Beach is one of the most desirable things to do in Ierapetra. Situated only 10 km east of town, it is a beautiful crystalline beach that is quiet and sheltered from the mass crowds but still well-organised with sun loungers and umbrellas. The calm waters are an inviting reprieve from the sun and an ideal getaway for families with children. Additionally, it is surrounded by quaint tavernas for an authentic lunch, and even has a lively beach bar for cocktails during the day. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your Cretan holidays at ease!


Find relaxing and authentic things to do in Ierapetra with the help of our hotel concierge team 

Let the Creta Maris Beach Resort concierge team help you arrange incredible things to do in Ierapetra for a wonderful holiday experience. Opt for travels from your hotel in Hersonissos, Crete to the island’s southern coast to engage in activities, excursions, and outings that are fun for the whole family or perfect as the romantic getaway with your other half. At Creta Maris Resort, we are here to help you achieve the holidays of your dreams no matter how you envision the perfect agenda. Looking for even more great ideas during your holidays in Crete? Check out our extensive Cretan travel guides, including:


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