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Things to do in Rethymno: Follow the absolute Rethymno Travel Guide for memorable holidays with your beloved ones


Prepare for a holiday of a lifetime in one of Greece’s most stunning and diverse regions. Discover the city of Rethymno in Crete, a popular destination combining rich history with natural beauty, fantastic landscapes, and authentic experiences. Whether you’re travelling with family, friends, or your significant other, Rethymno is an ideal base for exploration as it boasts long beaches, scenic settings, and impressive mountainous villages for those seeking an adventurous holiday in Crete, Greece. Find out the best things to do in Rethymno and its nearby surrounding areas and tailor an itinerary to your liking for a unique experience.


“Alternative, nature-inspired Holidays in Crete”


#1. Explore the best things to do in Rethymno for travellers of all tastes 

Follow the complete Creta Maris Beach Resort Rethymno Travel Guide and discover the top things to do in Rethymno and its surroundings. Explore crystal clear waters on sandy beaches, lounge under the sun, visit picturesque villages, and hike some of Greece’s most renowned gorges and mountains. Get astonished by the natural beauty and fall in love with the city’s genuine vibes and distinctive architecture.


Discover Rethymno, Crete’s third-largest city

Nesting on the base of the imposing Psiloritis Mountain, Rethymno is the third-largest city in Crete after Chania and Heraklion. With a strategic location about halfway up the island's north coast, Rethymno is approximately a 90-minute drive from Heraklion and a 60-minute drive from Chania, thus serving as a perfect getaway for various things to do around the entire island. Make sure you add to your itinerary the chance to visit the breathtaking surroundings and immerse yourself in a wide variety of outdoor activities, including hiking in one of Greece’s highest mountain ranges. 


Feel enchanted by the Old Town of Rethymno

Fall in love with Rethymno at first sight. Discover one of the most charming old towns in Crete and stroll around a picturesque port. The old town of Rethymno captivates its visitors with its Venetian-style architecture merged with Ottoman-era elements. Get lost in the narrow streets, marvel at the imposing fortress on the waterfront, and experience the Cretan hospitality at the traditional eateries and art galleries that spread all around the old town. Walk past the fishing boats, soak up the friendly ambience, and feel fascinated by the city’s long history.


#2. Plunge into history at Rethymno’s most famous landmarks 

Find culture and history at every corner. Stroll around Rethymno’s city centre and encounter attractions that ooze history and character. Occupied since the Late Minoan period, the picturesque Rethymno is home to the mighty Fortezza - and other worth-visiting monuments -  and impresses every tourist with its beautiful old harbour, narrow cobblestoned streets, and the famous lighthouse.


Be mesmerised by the imposing Fortezza of Rethymno, Crete

Visit the renowned Fortezza of Rethymno, Crete, dive deep into history, and enjoy panoramic views of the city.  Built on top of a low hill above the city, the huge fortress boasts a turbulent past and is considered one of Crete’s most famous landmarks. The construction of the castle started in 1571 as a means of protection against pirates, and it includes several well-maintained buildings and a theatre. Nowadays, Fortezza hosts various cultural events and exhibitions, attracting locals and tourists alike. Make sure you visit the Ibraham Han Mosque, the Bastion of Santa Maria, and the church of Agios Theodoros Trichinas.


Learn about the local life at the Archaeological Museum of Rethymno

Combine your visit to the mighty Fortezza with a stop at the Archaeological Museum of Rethymno, located in front of the Fortress’ central gate.  Built in 1887, the museum hosts a vast collection of vessels, weapons, ceramics, textiles, and jewellery all dating back to the Minoan, Classic, or the Roman Period. Get fascinated by the extraordinary collection featuring exhibits from excavations held in the area, and find out everything about the city’s evolution from the Palaeolithic till the Roman Times. Discover fun facts about life on the island and read through the display panels available in multiple languages.


#3. Visit Rethymno’s exotic city & surrounding beaches 

Complement your holiday in Crete with a revitalising beach day on the city shoreline. Seek further action, get out of your comfort zone, and drive up a bit further to treat yourself to a more secluded beach experience. Surround yourself with palm trees, lush vegetation, and fine soft sand. The area of Rethymno features a great range of beaches, such as the Rethymno Beach, Preveli or Plakias, that cater to travellers of all tastes.


Lounge under the sun on the city beaches with quality amenities

Bask under the sun at Rethymno Beach, located towards the eastern part of the city, and unwind in a marvellous setting boasting crystal clear waters and a long stretch of fine sand. Find top-quality amenities in the organised beach bars and let your children have the time of their lives while you’re casually enjoying the sunset. If you feel like exploring the outskirts even further, drive about 10 kilometres to discover the beaches of Missiria, Perivolia, or Pigianos Kampos -  three particularly organised beaches that tend to attract beach lovers due to their convenient location and proximity to the city.


Seek nature and green landscapes in a close proximity

Visit the Beach of Preveli, a relaxing, calm oasis situated approximately 40 kilometres south of the main town, and marvel at its exquisite beauty. Get the chance to explore the nearby Preveli Monastery and opt for a hiking experience in its surroundings. Alternatively, visit the Beach of Plakias, an ideal family destination (approx 40mins away from the city), or the Beach of Bali (approx 32 kilometres), which are particularly popular due to their wild landscapes combining blue and green hues with sandy coastlines.


#4. Pump up your adrenaline with adventurous outdoor activities 

Add a touch of action to your holidays in Crete and find adventurous things to do in Rethymno for a unique experience. Explore one of Rethymno’s approximately 800 caves or opt for an organised safari adventure through the wilderness. Seek a local guide to take you through the area’s hidden gems, hike through dramatic landscapes, swim in refreshing waters, and soak up the revitalising ambience.


Marvel at Rethymno’s extensive list of naturally formed caves

Visit Melidoni Cave, one of the most popular caves in the area, located 35 minutes away from the city. With an altitude of 220 metres, Melidoni was once a place of worship to the god Hermes, and nowadays the rock formations give the impression of being on another planet. The path to the cave offers stunning views over the surrounding landscapes and is a perfect place to connect with nature and escape the city’s bustle. Continue your exploration at the Ideon Andron, a place of great archaeological importance, where, according to mythology, Zeus was born and raised. For further adventure, add the caves of Mougkri and Sfentoni to your Crete itinerary.


Wander and hike through the Palm Forest & Crete’s highest mountain

Drive towards the southern part of the island to reach Preveli Beach and the renowned Palm Forest. Take the river path across the beach and get lost in an oasis comprised of palm trees. Walk up the spectacular gorge and have a stop at the small waterfall: an ideal backdrop for your summer photos. If you’re feeling more active, choose Mt Psiloritis, rising 2,456 meters above sea level. Also known as Mount Ida, it is the second-highest mountain in Greece, after Olympus. Hike through the dramatic, rocky landscape, follow a clearly marked path to the summit, and enjoy views over the entire island. The path takes 3-4 hours and is ideal for experienced hikers.


Choose Creta Maris, a Hersonissos based Resort and travel around at ease 

Get the chance to explore Crete and its historic cities with Creta Maris Beach Resort in Hersonissos as your base. Find a variety of attractions to see and discover Crete’s top landmarks nearby. Visit Heraklion and marvel at its archaeological sites and fantastic beaches. Spend some quality time with your children and your beloved ones in Chania and experience the genuine Cretan hospitality in a place exuding culture and friendliness. Book a Hersonissos holiday package at Creta Maris Beach Resort and use the hotel’s strategic location to explore around easily! 


“Moments of absolute relaxation in a Hersonissos Hotel, Crete” 

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