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Creta Maris Beach Resort
Creta Maris Beach Resort
Creta Maris Beach Resort
Creta Maris Beach Resort


Creta Maris employed 325 employees in 2015. This total is divided almost equally to male (173) and female (152) population, with the majority of employees have either Cretan origin or live permanently in Crete (311), and with the majority of the employees belong to the age group of 18-29 years (105).


Annual Sustainability Report


Below are listed in detail data of our employees:


As regards the data of origin of employees:

  • As foreigners were considered those who live less than 11 months in Greece, and are not taxed here.
  • As Greeks except Cretans were considered the Greek employees who live permanently outside Crete and work for the hotel only during the hotel’s operation period.
  • As Cretans were considered those who were born and raised in Crete but also those who live in Crete for the period of 11 months/ year.

Employee Sex


Employee Age

Always aiming to contribute to the local community, Creta Maris employed and trained 311 local employees (95.69%) in 2015, thus, contributing to their vocational training and lifelong learning. Moreover, in this way, the resort supported the local community providing a total amount of 4,715,603.20 euros.

In 2015 we continued incorporating key principles of local employment enhancing the Social economy, the Local dimension, the Partnership, the Collaboration and the necessary approach from the base to the top, so we could provide high quality services as a local progressive group.

During 2015, the resorts’ employees had the opportunity to attend educational seminars in order to enhance their existing knowledge and skills, or to develop new ones. Overall, 34 seminars were held.

In 2015, the resort had the pleasure to cooperate with public and private schools and universities, thus, enabling young professionals to gain the requisite experience, in order to start their successful career. Below are listed the aforementioned universities:

  • OTEK

A total of seventeen (17) students completed, their practical training in the various departments of the resort.

Finally, Creta Maris, respecting all the rules of labor and human rights, offered in addition to every employee free transportation to and from Heraklion city center and the center of Agios Nikolaos, free meals, uniforms, and pension benefits, as well as some additional services as incentives (wedding gift, special rates for friends & family, and “employee of the month” & “employee of the year” award).