Creta Maris Beach Resort
Creta Maris Beach Resort
Creta Maris Beach Resort
Creta Maris Beach Resort
Creta Maris Beach Resort


TUI Cares for Crete – Sustainable Food” is a joint project run by TUI Care Foundation and Futouris that aims to link the most important economic factors of the island – tourism and agriculture. 

The project focuses on establishing structures for the development of a sustainable holiday destination, addressing services and issues that go beyond the Sun and the Sea, protecting & meeting the needs of travelers, and promoting the agriculture (especially wine and olive oil), as well as the cultural heritage of the island.


Wine tasting is being organized with the cooperation of the winemakers of Futouris program. The participants smell and taste wines from Cretan vineyards along with traditional Cretan delicacies, while they also learn about each wine’s special characteristics.


The guests have the chance to participate in an olive oil tasting in Creta Maris. The tasting takes place at the hotel's archaeological site that is surrounded by olive trees, with visitors being informed about the importance of the olive for the Greeks and its role, not only in the economy of the country and the nutrition of its inhabitants, but also in religion, culture, the Olympic Games and in the Greeks’ way of living. The guests also have the opportunity to taste olive oil with freshly baked bread in the wood-fired oven of the farm.


An interactive cooking lesson with Cretan vine leaves as its main ingredient. The activity focuses on Cretan vineyards and vine leaves, which are the main ingredients of a very successful Greek recipe and one of the most delicious dishes of our traditional cuisine, “Stuffed Vine Leaves” [in Greek:“dolmadakia”].

The interactive cooking lesson starts from the resort’s garden, where the guests  harvest the leaves and then they are transferred  to the resort’s organic farm. There, the guests have the opportunity to learn about the Creta Maris’ Vineyard, find out about the indigenous vinery varieties of the island, the Futouris Program and its goals for a sustainable future of Crete as a wine region and the right way to make “Dolmadakia”.


An action on the Cretan vineyard care was held in Creta Maris Beach with dozens of participating guests. Via this action the guests came into contact with the Cretan vineyard, learned about the process of planting, and the constant meticulous work it needs to ensure that each harvest will bring us the best product and its derivatives. All the attendees are informed about the Cretan vineyard, the indigenous vine varieties of Creta Maris Beach Resort, the Futouris program and its objectives.


Creta Maris Beach Resort organizes an interactive confectionery class on grape spoon sweet preparation. The interactive confectionery class starts from the resort’s garden, where the guests, are informed about the Creta Maris’ Vineyard, learn about the indigenous varieties of the island, the Futouris Program and its goals for a sustainable future of Crete as a wine region and find out what is the appropriate way to make grape spoon sweets. The guests harvest the grapes, which are then transferred to the resort’s organic farm. The Chef of Creta Maris welcomes the participants in the farm and informs them about the ingredients they need in order to make grape spoon sweet, the right proportions, the best way to make it, and all the secrets for the ideal thickening of the syrup.


Creta Maris Beach Resort offers all guests the opportunity to experience the local lifestyle through the traditional olive harvest, or as Greeks say “Liomazema”. The aim of the action is to introduce the traditional Cretan rural work to the guests, while highlighting in the best possible way the island’s long tradition in olive harvest. The ritual begins by harvesting the olives from the olive grove, and transferring them in the traditional way, on a donkey, to the place where the production of edible olives takes place. In this context, an extensive reference is made to the characteristics of the Cretan olive grove, the way of its treatment and the process of fruit maturation until harvest.