Creta Maris Beach Resort
Creta Maris Beach Resort
Creta Maris Beach Resort


“We do local” is a business certification standard. Company wise, “We do local” fulfills the need to differentiate in substance and quality, as well as to support the economy and workforce of the local community. Customer wise, We do local fulfills the need to try a product offering the real experience of the visiting place, the locals, and the raw materials they produce. In addition, We do local fulfills the need to act sustainably and respect the environment.


Easter in Greece is considered to be the most important religious feast. The culmination of the religious celebrations take place during the Holy Week.

"WE DO LOCAL" DAY (every Tuesday)

Every Tuesday all the hotel's activities are inspired by the "We do local" philosophy, thus giving the guests the opportunity to live one day like Cretans and experience the customs and habits  the locals have in their everyday life.

“We do local” Day includes an interactive cooking class and a Greek language lesson, while the little guests can enjoy a pleasant ride on Maritsa, the donkey of the Creta Maris farm. In the evening, a genuine Cretan feast with dances and songs is organized.


Creta Maris Beach Resort offers all guests the opportunity to experience the local lifestyle through the traditional sheep shearing. Sheep shearing is a big celebration inextricably linked to the farming lifestyle of Crete. It is also called the "feast of sheep" and its purpose is to prevent sheep from overheating during the summer. It is one of the most exciting festivals that take place every year in early summer, where every farmer invites friends and relatives to help him in this difficult task. This tradition always finishes with a hearty feast.


Threshing: One of the most traditional Cretan customs takes place in Creta Maris Beach Resort, where the guests get to know and take part in Cretan tasks and traditions of the past. On the day of threshing, guests are also able to grind some grain using the traditional hand-operated millstone, produce some flour, which they then use to make bread. All attendees celebrate the end of that day, eating bread and the traditional dishes and appetizers the hotel prepares especially for the occasion.