Creta Maris Beach Resort
Creta Maris Beach Resort
Creta Maris Beach Resort
Creta Maris Beach Resort
Creta Maris Beach Resort



Creta Maris Beach Resort was an innovative hotel complex in the area of Hersonissos in 1975, the first year of its operation. Since then, the resort has continued to pioneer, as it has managed to develop its services and facilities until today. Below are some of the innovations of Creta Maris that have distinguished it from the competition and ensured high quality services to its guests.

  1. Use of electric vehicles for deliveries to the resort’s departments
  2. Use of electric forklift in the warehouse
  3. Gradual change of fluorescent lamps to LEDs in the warehouse
  4. Use of Eco Friendly detergents
  5. Major suppliers within a radius of less than one kilometer from the hotel (Cretan Meat Processing Industry “ΚRIVEK SA”, ZERVAKIS Miltos, Kalimera FROUTA SA) - the majority of suppliers located on the island
  6. Purchase of products based on locality (Crete, Greece, abroad)
  7. Use of reusable cups in bars and biodegradable straws
  8. Recycling
  9. Innovative hydrotherapy treatments at Hammam Spa that are completed with a Beauty Affusion (an alternative therapeutic massage experience when the visitor is wrapped in a cloud of steam and rain, a highly relaxing experience)
  10. Spa therapies with the use of Cretan products, such as virgin olive oil, Cretan herbs and raki



For us, in Creta Maris, feedback is the key factor for the provision of high-quality services, as it indicates all our strengths and weaknesses, thus allowing us to ameliorate our accommodation and the guest’s holidays’ experience.

During the guests’ stay, we ask for their opinion about key factors of the resort’s operation, via “Questionnaires on-the-spot”. In this way, we adjust our operation according to the guests’ opinion and ameliorate the services offered, while guests are still “on the spot”.

Our Guests’ Service team is responsible for communicating with our guests, providing them all the necessary information during their stay and for receiving their feedback and act accordingly. However, this type of communication is only available during the stay of the guests; once they leave the resort, we continue our communication on an online level, through review sites, or e-mails.

Tripadvisor, Holidaycheck, Expedia, Booking are just some of the online review sites where Creta Maris Beach Resort has an official profile and communicates with its guests after their check out from the resort. Another important tool that measures guests’ satisfaction and the quality of the services offered in Creta Maris is the Reputize intelligence platform, along with the questionnaires that are completed. Through these tools, we get a better insight into the guests’ opinions, maintaining thereby a guest-centric culture, delivering better experiences and exceeding clients’ expectations.