Creta Maris Beach Resort
Creta Maris Beach Resort
Creta Maris Beach Resort
Creta Maris Beach Resort
Creta Maris Beach Resort


Creta Maris operates by promoting the Cretan way of living, the local production, and the customs of Crete (We do local philosophy). Apart from the leisure guests, the resort accommodates many international conventions and events that consequently promote the region of Crete worldwide.

In 2017 Creta Maris accommodated the following international events, presented according to their field.


Creta Maris had the honor to accommodate the Chinese Delegation once again on its premises.


Three great scientific conferences were held in Creta Maris, bringing more than 550 scientists on Crete.

  • Pulse Conference
  • ESBRA Conference
  • Linguistics Conference


Creta Maris was happy to accommodate great groups that were promoting their business in Crete. Some of the groups that we accommodated on our premises were LG Innofest Europe, Cumg Group, OVB group, Oriflamme group, Victoria group, Alleanza Group, Worldventures, ACT Meeting, Electro Group, L’ Oreal group, Adesso Group, bringing more than 5.730 business people on Crete.


In addition, we hosted two conferences of religious interest with more than 565 participants.


Creta Maris was glad to accommodate 790 participants of the European Senior Chess Championship, and the European Chess Championship for their chess tournaments.

Most of the above-mentioned events were held at the beginning and the end of the tourist season (February-May & September-November), including some events in August as well. Our aim is to extend the operating season and bring business to the region of Crete during the winter too. Creta Maris is a unit which accommodates more than 1500 guests per night. This is a size of a business that, understandably, influences the touristic operation of the whole Hersonissos village and, consequently, the economic factors of the region of Crete.