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Recycling has always been an integral part of the environmental awareness of Creta Maris. All recyclable materials are collected and sent for recycling.

Below are the results of recycling for the period 2016-2017.


  • 18.000 kilos of paper *
  • 120 kilos of lamps
  • 12.910 kilos of glass
  • 17 kilos of batteries


  • 10.200 kilos of paper
  • 185 kilos of electrical equipment
  • 160 kilos of lamps
  • 23.590 kilos of glass
  • 92 kilos of batteries

*The absence of recycled electrical equipment in 2016 is justified by the fact that no renovation was held during this year.

Recycling of Plastic - Aluminum - Iron

In addition, in 2017, Creta Maris recycled 1,260 kg of plastic and 1,210 kg of aluminum-iron.

Recycling of Soaps

In 2017, and in the context of Creta Maris Beach Resort’s environmentally friendly operation, its sensitivity to social issues, and with the aim of becoming a zero-waste resort, Creta Maris announced its participation in the recycling program "Green Soap" of the organization "Clean Hands".

More specifically, by participating in the program "Green Soap", the resort collects all soaps no longer suitable for use, recycles them, and provides the new recycled soaps to vulnerable social groups, instead of following the standard procedure of waste, with all the well-known environmental effects. This way, the resort participates in recycling and reduces the amount of waste ending up in sanitary landfills, thus protecting the environment, supporting the society and strengthening the social institutions and public bodies, such as social grocery, which supports families that are affected by the financial crisis and have no access to basic sanitary items.

Thus, in 2017 the resort managed to recycle 140 kilos of soap.

Used cooking oils - Biofuels

Large amounts of used cooking oils have been ending up in drains, polluting in this way the environment. In particular, they pollute the water table and prevent waste water treatment, while they also block the pipes causing unpleasant odors. Creta Maris, being aware of all the aforementioned harmful effects, converts its used cooking oils into biofuel.

In 2017, the hotel converted a total of 2,185 kg of used cooking oils into biofuels, thus, contributing to the environment protection. Below are the details of the cooking oils’ recycling for 2016 and 2017.


  • 2,120 kilos of cooking oils


    • 2,185 kilos of cooking oils