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Creta Maris Beach Resort
Creta Maris Beach Resort
Creta Maris Beach Resort
Creta Maris Beach Resort


Always offering the best services and products to our guests, we continued our own production of local products at our land, which have been included in the national and European system of certified organic crops [rule.834/2007 & rule.889/2008]. In 2015, we continue to produce large quantities of our products, responding in this manner to our customers’ growing need for high quality products. Moreover, we proceeded with seeding wheat and barley, which will be harvest in 2016, and will be processed in hotel cooperating bakery in order to make Creta Maris own production of products such as bread.

Our organic production consists of:

  • 0.5 acre outdoor, open to visitors vegetable garden
  • 9.5 acre arable crops [with local varieties of legumes and cereals]
  • 1.0 acre of citrus [orange, tangerine and lemon]
  • 9,5 acre of local wines’ varieties [kotsifali, mantilari]

We offered to our food supply chain:


S/N Item Unit Quantity
1 ENDIVE kilos 30
2 EMMER WHEAT kilos 1000
3 PUMPKIN kilos 200
4 BARLEY kilos 500
5 LETTUCE bunch 600
6 PARSLEY bunch 200
7 EGGPLANT kilos 150
8 PEPPER kilos 200
9 CHILI PEPPER kilos 5
10 ROCKET bunch 110
11 CELERY bunch 20
12 CHERRY TOMATO kilos 70