Creta Maris Beach Resort
Creta Maris Beach Resort
Creta Maris Beach Resort
Creta Maris Beach Resort
Creta Maris Beach Resort


  • Each purchase is a real need of the hotel. We do not make reckless purchases in order to get a better price, on the contrary we prefer to make purchases of the actual quantities are needed (demand based).
  • We purchase products in eco-packaging with the least possible packaging material used.
  • The procurement department informs the seller, in every negotiation, that our company operates in an environmentally friendly manner and asks the supplier to present the various environmentally friendly products on offer.
  • Priority is given to products that are locally produced.
  • Priority is given to products with recyclable and returnable packaging, as well as those derived from recycled materials (mainly paper, aluminum, glass, plastic) without excessive multipack.
  • The purchase of disposable items, such as cocktails’ decorations, glasses, etc., is avoided, and when they are necessary, biodegradable products are preferred.
  • For the purchase of equipment, priority is given to products that consume less water, energy and fuel and do not contain CFC.
  • We avoid the use of materials containing substances hazardous to public health and the environment (such as organic solvents, asbestos, lead, polyurethane, etc.) in the construction of buildings, construction of furniture, insulation, and decoration during refurbishment.
  • Recycling of materials in all parts of the hotel.
  • We reduced paper consumption by removing the most printed information (Room Service Directory) and creating electronic information programs via television.
  • During 2015 we consumed environmentally friendly paper (FSC) for all the company’s printings. The FSC indication specifies that the products of wood are obtained from forests, based on the principle of sustainable development and is in line with the exact environmental, social and economic standards.