Creta Maris Beach Resort
Creta Maris Beach Resort
Creta Maris Beach Resort
Creta Maris Beach Resort
Creta Maris Beach Resort


In 2018 Creta Maris accommodated the following international events, presented according to their field.


Three great scientific conferences were held in Creta Maris, bringing more than 1200 scientists on Crete.Pulse Conference

  • Pulse Conference
  • Euronoise conference
  • Clinical Neurophysiology Congress
  • WASOG Conference
  • Abbott Laboratories Hellas


Creta Maris was glad to have the chance to accommodate “Accreditation Services International” and “ASI Group” two great groups promoting Sustainability issues, with more than 60 participants.

Wellness Groups

A Yoga group was also accommodated in the resort’s premises, with more than 50 participants.

Educational/ School Groups

In addition, it hosted EAWOP Summer school with more than 50 participants and ISA GROUP with 77 participants.


Creta Maris was happy to accommodate great groups that were promoting their business in Crete. Some of the groups that we accommodated on our premises were Tiveria group, OVB group, Worldventures, Youfirm group,, Talend group, Mention group, bringing more than 1610 business people on Crete.


A leisure group from USA, with 230 participants was also accommodated in Creta Maris.


In addition, the resort hosted a conference of religious interest with 235 participants.


Last but not least, was the Bridge group that Creta Maris hosted with 55 participants in total.


The above-mentioned events were held from April to October 2018. Creta Maris is a unit which accommodates more than 1500 guests per night, a size of a business that, understandably, influences the touristic operation of the whole Hersonissos village and, consequently, the economic factors of the region of Crete.