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Creta Maris Beach Resort
Creta Maris Beach Resort
Creta Maris Beach Resort
Creta Maris Beach Resort


Water consumption

Water is the basic element of life and development. Without it, our country would not be the same and our holiday destination would not be thriving. Realizing the importance of water and understanding the intense drought problem our country is facing, especially during the summer months, we skipped ahead to the following actions:

  • Drilling.
  • Desalination units.
  • Units of reverse osmosis and filtration.
  • Automatic night watering of the green areas and the organic fields of the hotel.
  • Application of drip irrigation systems and underground irrigation systems with reduced water evaporation.
  • Change of the single drip line with netafim hose.
  • Water reduction filters to all taps of the hotel.

The water offered in our unit is produced directly on site, thus eliminating the transport chain, the times and places of storage. The water is free from harmful substances through reverse osmosis, followed by filtration and checked regularly through laboratory tests.

With the use of refillable glass bottles, we have dealt with the very dangerous phenomenon of bottled water overconsumption of All- Inclusive. In the past, guests used to open bottles of water, offered to them free of charge, and, without consuming the whole amount, they would throw them in the trash. With refillable bottles and coolers customers consume the water they really need.

Economic benefits

  • Reduce cost of bottled water.
  • The cost per liter of Creta Maris drinking water is much lower than the cost per liter of the municipal drinking water.

In conclusion, the abovementioned implemented actions contributed to better management of existing resources, environmental protection and reduction of costs.

Calculation of water consumption

Aiming to the best possible presentation of the results of Creta Maris’ water consumption, we take two constants into account: the Theoretical Water Consumption, which is the Maximum Allowable Water Consumption for 5* Hotels according to the Greek Legislation and takes into account factors such as the resort’s size, facilities and services (overnight stays, conferences, spa, non-residents) the hotel offers, and the Actual Water Consumption that the resort managed to have due to its sustainable operation. In order to calculate the Actual Water Consumption of Creta Maris, we gathered all the necessary data regarding the irrigation, the swimming pools and the total overnight stays recorded by the resort for the years 2018 and 2019.